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How to Remove Oil Pastel Stains on Carpet

Suppose your grandchild is mixing and matching colors on her new coloring book. She is using different coloring materials like crayons and oil pastels. As a grandparent, you feel delighted about the artistry of your grandchild. However, the day after, you discover that she colored more than her coloring book; the cream-colored carpet looks like an extension of her pad - with shades of blue, yellow, black, and yellow.
You cannot blame a child for coloring your carpet with oil pastels and crayons. All you can do is remedy the problem and remove stains on your floor covering. However, just like many things, it's easier said than done. How do you get rid of crayon and oil pastel stains?In Buffalo Grove and North Brooke, Chicago, carpet cleaners commonly use paint thinner, turpentine, and white flour to remove stains from textiles. These chemicals weaken the bond of wax and oil from the carpet. By dabbing small amount of thinner or turpentine, you can easily remove the remaining stains using a clean cloth.Immediate treatment makes it easy to get rid of oil pastel stains on carpets. Remove the stain as soon as possible to prevent wax and oil from sticking to the fibers, and then blot them up with a clean paper towel or white cloth. You can also use tweezers to take out pieces of pastel on the surface. After this, gently dab the stain with a cloth dipped in a small amount of thinner or turpentine.Do not rub the cloth on the carpet; otherwise, the fibers will get worn and discolored. When you are applying these chemicals, wear gloves to protect your skin, as they may cause irritation. Thinner and turpentine can burn and irritate the skin. Carpet cleaning Tapping Grove companies say adequate ventilation is important when you are applying chemicals on the carpet.After removing the stains, clean the surface with your preferred upholstery-cleaning product. Allow it to dry and then vacuum the carpet. Carpet cleaning Perth companies recommend application of baking soda to remove the lingering odor of thinner and turpentine.Some Carramar carpet cleaning companies say white flour acts as an absorbent sponge on carpets. Sprinkle white flour on the surface and leave it there for a couple of hours. Vacuum the carpet and then check for other affected areas.