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Well this week I was issued a work order the quote to clean the carpets at a town house in Clarkson (with a note Urgent), so I called in to the agents office and picked up the keys, I was going to call past that day and look, but I didn’t end up finishing till 7pm so I scheduled it in to do first thing in the morning.

I drove to the property at 7.30am and parked out the back, walked to the front door, put the key in the door and opened, then I heard the alarm beeping, and also noticed that it was furnished and a pair of sandals at the front door? So I quickly pulled the door shut and started franticly knocking.

Next minute the alarm was screaming its head off, so I’m knocking and knocking, waiting for someone to come flying to the door. So then I thought shit what do I do now? So I looked at the keys, locked the door and then noticed that one of the remotes looked like an alarm remote, so I pressed all the buttons and finally the alarm turned off.

So I casually walked back to my van and drove off (ha ha) I was so lucky that the remote was attached, I emailed the carpet cleaning quote (based on what I could see in the 3 seconds before I quickly shut the door again)to the property manager explaining what happened shut, and never heard back.

Just thought I would share

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