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Why should you clean your carpets? - 

It's a no brainer really. Remember how dirty your wooden floors or tiles get, and how often you have to clean them? You've maybe got kids running in and out, crawling, drooling, throwing food etc, and sometimes visitors aren't much betters - combined with all the variations of weather that encourages moulds and fungi to grow, carpet is haven for lots of awful things to grow. Plus you have the general issues of dust, hair and so on that doesn't all get sucked up into a vacuum cleaner. An annual deep clean is encouraged.

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Is carpet cleaning expensive?

You've got a couple of different ways to clean your carpets.

·         DIY: You can usually rent a steam cleaner, carpet shampooer or dry cleaning carpet machine from your local hardware store. Or you can buy one (many different prices), if you think you'll need it forever and you have the space to store it. It'll cost you about $30 a day (prices vary) and on top of that you'll need your detergent or powder, to go fetch the machine and return it and of course your time to do the cleaning.

·         Professional cleaner: There are lots and lots of professional carpet cleaning companies around, and there's also a lot of demand for their services (if you've ever rented you'll know that a carpet clean at the end of tenancy is often contractual and usually necessary). Prices vary but for two rooms of around 12 square metres you can expect to pay around $60 to $80. Bigger or more rooms usually increase the price but not exponentially, because a lot of the price is about getting to your home and getting their big machines into your apartment or house. If you have 4 flights of stairs and no lift, you can expect to pay a bit extra.

What type of carpet cleaning machines are there?

·         Shampooing Carpet Cleaners – whirly brushes work detergent into a carpet and then lifts it (and the dirt) out again

·         Steam Cleaning Carpet Machines – steam is used to enhance the cleaning

·         Dry Cleaning Carpet Machines – a powder is rubbed into the carpet then vacuumed out

·         Portable Extractors – used by professionals.

When is the best time to clean your carpets?

The obvious answer is 'when you need to'. Contractually or when it's been a while since you last did them. But there are also ways to make the process a little more efficient:

·         Warm and sunny weather

·         When you aren't going to use the rooms

Because the demand for carpet cleaning is high throughout the year, it's probable that you won't get a better price seasonally.