How to clean Ceramic Tiles & Grout Perth

Do you use a steam mop?

Over the years we have found that when we are asked to quote tile and grout cleaning most our clients ask us what they should use to maintain their floors.  The first thing we ask is what are you currently using. Most say we have  a steam mop but we still cant keep them clean, we normally find that most clients that use steam mops seem to have dirty grout lines, and if the tile has a texture on it the tile also has film on it. We suggest using a good quality Neutral floor cleaner like Agar ph7 and apply it sparingly in very hot water, as soon as the water gets dirty replace it.

If this all sounds too hard, give us a call for a free measure and quote to have your floor professionally steam cleaned to remove any existing build up of dirt and cleaning chemicals, leaving the floor in a neutral state. We will then give you a maintenance plan to help you keep them looking clean and fresh. Call us now 1300 372 355 or click here