Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

The importance of cleaning


According to experts, it does not matter if you have floorboards or carpets. The most important thing is keeping both of them clean.

Carpets are a very effective trap and that's what they're very good at, actually removing the toxins. Because of the fibres they lock it down in the deeper parts," he said.

Now that is not to say that some allergy sufferers won't benefit from removing carpets.

Dr Dingle says if carpets are filthy, removing them may help.

But if your floorboards are not cleaned regularly, you could have the same problem.

Researcher Ben McCarthy tested three methods - steam cleaning, dry cleaning and extraction.

He found the degree of cleanliness varies markedly between each one.

"Quite often many of the varying methods professional carpet cleaners use, like so-called dry cleaning and agitating, doesn't actually remove much particular matter and associated toxins and allergies out of the carpet at all," he said.

Mr McCarthy collected samples for analysis using a filter and dust trap attached to the vacuum.

Of all three methods, hot water extraction was found to remove the most dirt.

"Well your general service dry clean was shown to make a 19 per cent improvement in reducing the dirt that's in your carpet," he said.

Hot water extraction gave a 74 per cent improvement.

A good extraction clean should take several hours as it removes more dirt using fewer chemicals.

Mr McCarthy says environmentally and hygienically, hot water extraction is the best clean you can get.

Extract from December 7, 2001, 4:22 am Joanna Rouse Today Tonight

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