Hire Supermarket Carpet cleaner vs Professional local carpet cleaner


DIY Britex Carpet Cleaner vs hiring a professional carpet cleaner?

Is your time important? Think about this, you’re moving out of your rental property, and you need to have your carpets cleaned as part of your lease agreement. So do you hire a supermarket carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaner?

Average price for cleaning (std 4 rooms of carpet )

Option 1

$39 24hrs plus cleaning fluid say 3 bottles $30 Total $69.00 plus spotters. Drive to Supermarket, Wait to get serviced, and have someone explain the operating instructions, then walk it all out to your car, lift into the boot, place chemicals so it won’t fall over, drive home, lift out and take inside, Vacuum all the rooms, including along all the edges, set up the hire machine, putting the water and chemical’s in the correct tanks, then start cleaning, try to remember which spotter you need to use for each different stain, Job done.

Time to clean the machine etc to remove chemical’s and dirty waste water, place back in the boot (normally water leaking on to your boot mat, drive back to the supermarket, wait to get served, nervously hoping you haven’t damaged or forgotten anything, while the staff member checks it back in, drive back home. (Maybe 3 hours or more)

Option @

CALL in your local Carpet Cleaning Professional, Turns up on time, no need to vacuum as we do this as part of our process, we bring all the spot cleaners with us, to attend to all the different type of spills, Professionally Steam Clean with our Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaner, Pack up, Pay when completed via Eftpos, Or Cash, Professional Receipt email through for your landlord for the total of $120 What Mess Cleaning Services – Professional Carpet Cleaner

What Mess Cleaning Services