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Is Pre Vacuuming Included?

When comparing Carpet Cleaning Prices!

Check that it includes pre Vacuuming, I have noticed that few companies have on their price list an extra charge for Vacuuming.

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Hot Water Extraction or "Steam" Cleaning

A hot water cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray. A wet vacuum, which may be portable or truck-mounted is used to suck up the solution, water and dirt. Steam cleaning is the most common method used by professionals. The best steam cleaning methods involve a number of stages, including a thorough pre-vacuum to remove the dry soils from the carpet before they are wet and turn to mud, treating spots and stains, pre-spraying with a cleaning solution, agitation of the cleaning solution into the carpet pile (Heavy Clean), hot water extraction  and deoderising.

We do charge extra for (Heavy Duty) Agitation if required, this will be explained before commencement of work.


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